Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A perfectly imperfect Thanksgiving

ahhhhhh the word puts a visual in my head of one of those rooms I drool over as I am looking at the latest Home and Garden design magazine.
But as hard as I try.......I can't just get my room to look like one of those rooms from a
design magazine.
As I look around and see the floor covered with dog hair and notice that there a dishes in the sink
....I am quickly reminded that
is getting in the way of 

In the last two months I have been striving for Perfection.
Unfortunately this pursuit of perfection has created a health issue to the point that I am currently back on blood pressure medication after being off it for almost a year and one half. 

I am still in denial that the reason I am on blood pressure medication
is because I have set unrealistic goals.
All the goals certainly seemed reasonable at the time I made that 5 page single spaced project list.

Come on is it really that unrealistic to completely redecorate 
an entire 2800 sq ft house in less than 45 days?

I have done major remodels in less than 4 months........redecorating is a piece of cake.

I wasn't knocking down walls this time...or putting in a complete kitchen......or re-landscaping.....
I was simply doing the following:
Painting 800 sq ft living room
Painting bathrooms
Hanging wallpaper in Master Bathroom
Hanging Wallpaper in Downstairs Guest Bathroom
Painting Upstairs Guest Bathroom
Painting furniture
Painting Kitchen Island
Painting downstairs Family Room
Painting Hallways
Painting Kitchen
Painting Master Bathroom
Adding custom striping to Upstairs Guest Bathroom
Container landscape twelve large pots
Order new furniture and assemble when arrives
Unpack and assemble new large coffee table
Unpack and assemble Two Wingback chairs
Unpack and assemble King size Headboard
Order new range, hood, refrigerator, and dishwasher
Remove old oven
Coordinate the installation of new appliances.
Hire electrician to install new track lighting

Okay so after typing that list it is a little long.......but the list for a REMODEL project is huge!!!

So I am a little lost as to what is different this time.....

That is of course until I look down the hall and see my husband up on a ladder caulking.......and then I hear him say I am getting that microwave in tonight.

It is then I realize........Oh  I know what is different.......

This time my husband and I are doing the majority of the work.

On all of our previous remodel projects my husband and I are the project managers.......
not the laborers.

But alas even as laborers
(a job I would prefer to hand over to someone else)
ALL the work was completed by Thanksgiving.
  I am thankful it was all completed but I do have to question whether or not it was
to practically kill myself in pursuit of what I thought was perfection.

Truly our Thanksgiving PERFECT.
Albeit during the course of the four days with fifteen guests in my home...
there were moments where it certainly didn't look perfect.

In fact with every one's lap tops, cell phones, cameras, jackets, shoes......
there were times every surface was covered with STUFF.

But as I stood back and observed the room that was
filled with fifteen bodies, two dogs, lots of clutter and plenty of laughter
I realized no one cared about all that STUFF or the dirty dishes or the chaos.

What I saw instead of chaos was
laughter, smiles, and just pure JOY!!
It was a PERFECT scenario.

I realized that the reason it was PERFECT....was because it was SOOO IMPERFECT.

While seeking perfection I accidentally happened to created the perfect setting and had
 perfected imperfection.

The guest are gone.....The house is quieter......and I am currently resting and recharging
so that in less that 24 days those fifteen plus guests can return and enjoy a
perfectly imperfect Christmas.

What plans are you making for your perfectly imperfect Christmas?

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Carla Aston said...

Okay, I'm exhausted just reading your list! Very ambitious, Deb. All that painting! I think I like being the manager better. You must have a strong back! Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving and I'm sure it WAS perfect!

chris said...

I was there for the "perfectly imperfect Thanksgiving"....in my opinion when a hostess gets together 14 people (in the same family)for 5 DAYS and they have a great time...this was truly....A Perfect Thanksgiving.

David Lujan Jr. said...

I loved your story Deb!! Try opening a winery & fix up a fixer upper?? As you know, I ain't touching anything, but it is so hard trying to tell contractors & landscapers what you want!!! LOL!! I think we're doing okay! ~ I'm sure your house is PERFECT!!! Homey is perfection!

Toronto painters said...

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