I am speaking figuratively of course. Let me explain.

I am in the middle of designing my own home and I have been deciding what details to make part of my home. I am looking to embrace the architecture of my home. I think the intent of the builder was spanish adobe but two problems. It is all rough stucco and there isn't any sign of brick. So lets tackle the first problem.....no brick. There is evidence that an interior wall has some sort of brick on it but unfortunately its been covered in hardibacker and then sheetrocked over. Not knowing what lies underneath is what prevents me from ripping it off. Also the chances that the brick would be in good shape are pretty slim and it might not even be brick. So my solution is to create a wall feature and go over the existing sheetrock with brick veneer. I have used brick veneer several times before and it is a great solution.


These photos and renderings are from a recent project where I used brick veneer as a backspash in the kitchen. The brick veneer is from General Shale. Click here for a link to their site. They have many different colors and doing a mortar wash over any of them will drastically change how they look.

I will share with you more progess as we go along on the remodel of my home and some ways I am deciding to embrace the architecture and to bring the outside in.

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2018 was a year of #NewBeginnings for me in so many ways. So many exciting things have happened.

Storm clouds approaching Fountain Hills, Az
Storm clouds approaching.

First and foremost was my move to the amazing state of Arizona in early spring. Let's just say I LOVE it here. I arrived early enough in the year to get a taste of the spectacular spring weather and prepare myself for the heat of the summer. Was it hot....of course it was. But guess what I survived. Everyone says how will you stand the heat? I don't know I guess I will go from my air conditioned house to my air conditioned car to the air conditioned store and sit out on the patio of outdoor restaurant with cool misters spraying out into the air above me while I am enjoying my blackberry infused tea. Yes I more than survived.

Summer in Arizona is so excitng. Bring on the Monsoons. From July through September the temperatures are high but so is the anticipation of an exciting Monsoon. Of course I enjoy watching them from the safety of my back patio as they approach and you learn very quickly to be aware of your surroundings for approaching monsoons. But they are spectacular and exciting. There really is nothing more exciting than watching the storm come in and hear the sound of thunder and the explosion of lightening as I am designing away. It was inspiring and I look forward to many more summers of excitement while designing.

Some other milestones of 2018 was my daughter receiving her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Midwestern University. It was a long journey for her and she never lost

focus in her twenty year quest to become a veterinarian. She is now employed at a wonderful veterinary clinic in Glendale, Arizona. So if you are looking for an amazing veterinarian and Animal Hospital. Click on this link to meet Dr. Kellianne Minarik and Desert Sky Animal Hospital. https://www.desertskyanimalhospital.com/team/kellianne-minarik-dvm/

In between some amazing design projects coming to completion I also welcomed a new grandson Dylan Brian Minarik. It has been a very busy and exciting year. I have been so fortunate.

I was also fortunate to have several projects that were in construction come to completion. Being able to work on these projects was a dream and as you can see each project has a completely different aesthetic. My job was to take their concept and make it a reality. #concepttorealty #amindondesign #debsmind

You can see more of these projects in the portfolio section of my website and I talk a little about each project.

Click the link to go to my portfolio section. https://www.amindondesign.com/portfolio

2018 came and went with the speed of lightening and 2019 is upon us. I am ready to get to work and can't wait to help you make your project a reality. Let's do this.

Be Brave. Be Original. Be you.

Happy New Year from me Debbie Minarik and A Mind On Design.

Is it almost New Years? I said I would get this website completed by New Years and well I barely made it. This website has been a long time coming and who knew creating a website would be so involved. But I did it and well I am pretty proud of it. So take a look through my site and get to know me a little through my design work. A Mind On Design is ready to get to work and I just know 2019 is going to be even more amazing than 2018.

I look forward to making new connections and keeping you up to date with what is happening in my world and look forward to learning and seeing whats happening in yours. I will be posting from time to time from my blog and linking that to my other social media sites so you will have ample opportunity to find me so we can get to know each other.

I will be here answering questions, sharing my DIY projects that I occasionally but very SLOWLY tackle, and giving you some pointers now and again. I haven't written a blog or anything other than design specs in a while....so let me get my rusty fingers back in shape cause I do have a few things to say and share. Let's do this.

A Mind on Design.....from concept to reality.