I have hit a brick wall...

I am speaking figuratively of course. Let me explain.

I am in the middle of designing my own home and I have been deciding what details to make part of my home. I am looking to embrace the architecture of my home. I think the intent of the builder was spanish adobe but two problems. It is all rough stucco and there isn't any sign of brick. So lets tackle the first problem.....no brick. There is evidence that an interior wall has some sort of brick on it but unfortunately its been covered in hardibacker and then sheetrocked over. Not knowing what lies underneath is what prevents me from ripping it off. Also the chances that the brick would be in good shape are pretty slim and it might not even be brick. So my solution is to create a wall feature and go over the existing sheetrock with brick veneer. I have used brick veneer several times before and it is a great solution.


These photos and renderings are from a recent project where I used brick veneer as a backspash in the kitchen. The brick veneer is from General Shale. Click here for a link to their site. They have many different colors and doing a mortar wash over any of them will drastically change how they look.

I will share with you more progess as we go along on the remodel of my home and some ways I am deciding to embrace the architecture and to bring the outside in.

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