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What is it?

The Programming phase is where my incredible detective skills shine.  No seriously it really is.  I am by nature a very curious person and the programming phase is where I ask all the questions.  It is where I ask and find out the 5 W's.  You know the Who, What, Where, Why, and of course When.  It is where I put my detective hat on so I can gather and analyze all the information before solving it with a design solution.  I like to think of it as foundation work so that from the foundation up there is a mutual understanding why we are going in the direction we are. 


I think programming is really the most important phase of the design process and it is really where we get to know each other.  Every project small or large needs a programming phase and without it we wouldn't know what the problem is or how to start to solve it.  

During the programming phase I will measure and photograph your home.  We will meet to discuss the project and it's where you get to divulge all you wants and needs.   I also will ask you to take home a questionnaire and complete it so I have even more detailed information about you and your family.  At the end of our meeting and upon receipt of your completed questionnaire I will interpret all the information and start formulating the scope and parameter of the project and come up with a narrative of questions and answers.   Once I have everything we then proceed to the Schematic design process and start creating some conceptual design solutions.