Rendering Schematic Design

Schematic Design

What is it?


The Schematic Design phase is where I take all the discovery from the Programming phase and develop conceptual plans that address the solution.  This is where I provide you two to three options that best solve your design dilemma.  For remodeling projects such as kitchens, baths, custom cabinetry I will explore the solutions in with the aid of 3D computer rendering.  It is such a powerful tool and really helps you see the space planning, and even some initial finishes ideas.  During schematic design we vet out all of the ideas and come up with a final solution.   Once we have the final plan we move on to Design Development. 

Check out my rendering section in my portfolio to see an example of  my 3D renderings.   I love the power of 3D rendering and enjoy being able to help you understand the 2D plans through the power of 3D computer rendering.